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أستاذ ياسر اسماعيل مؤسس شركة إيورا للمحاماه والتحكيم

Mr. / Yasser Ismail Ahmed Abo El Hamd
founder and CEO of Iura

Advocate before Court of Cassation and The Egyptian Supreme Court, founder and CEO of Iura  Advocates & Legal Consultants.

  • Graduated from faculty of law, Asyut University year 2002 then he joined to the huge entities (Bar Association Egypt). Afterwards, he trained at many high ranked law firms then started to work as a free lawyer in 2005, since then he’s been dealing with all departments, governmental and non governmental authorities and all courts of law of any levels of litigation.
  • He participated in many conferences and scientific seminars in and out of Egypt. He attended several courses in various legal fields such as:
  • Reconciliation and mediation among companies.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • International and National Commercial Arbitration.
  • Faculty of Economics and Political Science Courses of comprehensive legal studies for lawyers of legal departments in public and private sectors, Cairo University.

Know More About Mr. / Yasser Ismail

  • The International Adviser Encyclopedia Course from El Saddat Academy for administrative science.
  • The criminal protection of public money course from Faculty of Law, Cairo University.
  • Means of Human Resource management for public and private sectors course on the Arabic national level at the Arabic organization for the administrative sciences, League of Arab States, Dubai.
  • Patent agent authorized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Incorporation Agent and legal advisor for a number of commercial and industrial companies.
  • Worked in legal departments at a number of public sectors companies. Currently an attorney at the court of cassation and the supreme administrative court and CEO of Iura s Advocates & Legal Consultants.

After working depend on my own name like the majority lawyers in all domains, I decide to establish an entity as an independent legal person, so I started my work as an individual firm in 2014 under the name of Haqqania Advocates &Legal Consultants, and we achieved great progress on a personal and practical level after making management and marketing plan which leads the company in and out of Egypt. This led to a variety of agents, difference of cultures and  types of jobs and service that could achieved by El Haqqania, this diversification opened a wide door for other fields along the last five years.
In order to provide a class of legal services to our clients and principals in various country and in order to expand the activities that our entity can perform in accordance with the Egyptian judiciary law, we decided to work as a company to be more distinctive, we have already established Iura  Advocates &Legal Consultants Company in mid 2019 to join the distinctive legal entities in Egypt.
The Company has concluded a number of cooperation agreement with legal offices and companies aboard in order to be able to serve its clients and principals distinctively in various countries such as:
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Sultanate Oman – Morocco – Italy – France – Germany – Lithuania – China

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