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The Business and services provided by Iura

We have the pleasure to be your agent….get yourself an agent a lawyer for legal issues The Business and services provided by Iura Advocates &Legal Consultants Company

Real State Publicity Works

All works related to Real Estate Publicity & Title transfer.

Internet Crime

All cases & crimes related to Internet, cyber security, electronic fraud and electronic trade of various types.

Legate Consultation

Providing legal consultation, expressing opinion and providing a written advice for various corporate, banks and other establishments or for individuals.

Company Incorporation

Companies incorporation and amendment of all types whether individual or investment

Factory Licenses

Completing licensing procedures for all factories and all relevant matters whether in or out industrial zones.

Trademark Registration

Registering trademarks, industrial models and patents.

Court Judgment Enforcement

Enforcing foreign judgments inside Egypt


Compensations in general and those related to flight (delays, cancelling, prohibiting boarding & properties loss and damage) in particular

Economic & Commercial Legal Cases

All actions and legal cases of commercial & financial affairs prosecution, customs confiscations and etc …

Insurance Contract

Concluding insurance contracts with various insurance companies for the interest of ships and lager entities.

Maritime Legal Case

Compensations resulting from sea transport and accidents, and contamination fines against ships.

Money Transfer cases & Problems

Cases and problems of money transfer across countries and specialized firms, electronic deduction and addition and through magnetic cards.

Affairs of Foreign Communities in Egypt

All matters related to foreign communities in Egypt, including residency and others.


Acting as agents of Egyptian and foreign investors for the purpose of completing all necessary procedures for their business.

Citizenship Legal Cases

Citizenship legal cases, including citizenship acquisitions, loss and duality, and related issues.

Matrimonial Procedures from Foreigners

Completing matrimonial procedures from foreigners and authenticating marriage contracts from the Ministry of Justice and all consequential procedures.

Legal Services for Embassies

All legal services demanded by embassies in Egypt and dealing with the embassy on behalf of its subjects regarding necessary services.

Accredited Legal Translation

Accredited legal translation services of various languages for law offices and firms, and legal affair department of any establishment.

Concluding Contracts

Professionally concluding all contracts, in particular, exclusive agencies, international and trans-continental contracts, multi-parties contracts, multi role contracts, BOT contracts, and complicated contracts

Legal Services for Large Establishments

Providing various legal services such as debt collection to companies, establishments, entities and banks

Legal Intermediary

Executing works of legal intermediary and legal conciliation among companies.

Legal Intermediary

Executing works of legal intermediary and legal conciliation among companies.

Legal Training Courses

Holding legal training courses to train companies, establishments, law offices staff.

Printing & Publication

Collecting, indexing, printing and offering for sale judgments and jurisprudence and legal opinions in addition to preparing, printing and publishing literatures of various law fields.

Legal Agency

All services of legal agency

Real Estate Management

Managing real estate assets, forming occupant & owner association. Practicing real estate intermediary and related works.

Merger & Acquisition

Merger & acquisition processes and contracts for all companies.

Normal law practices

Practicing all normal law practices before all Egyptian courts of various degrees; Partial Court, Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, the State Council, Court of Cassation, Supreme Administrative Court for all kinds of legal cases, such as criminal cases, civil cases, commercial cases, economic cases, administrative cases, family cases, and others normal and generally known works.

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