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Make you an agent in legal matters International Cooperation Agreements Senior Advisors Mobile Application Possibility to request a periodic report Organized work team Your dealings with a company makes a lot of difference

We have the pleasure to be your agent….get yourself an agent a lawyer for legal issues

On my behalf and on behalf of Iura-Entity

I extend my greetings to you and I want to seize this chance to express my gratitude and I look forward to a fruitful cooperation between us.The legal profession is one of the professions which are indispensable and vital among people of different types and doctrines in their daily transactions. Since we believe that lawyers cannot  be separated from his principals, sbecause of the confidentiality of their relationship that is build up on trust. The lawyer is the first one who could act on your behalf in many situations, so you have to properly select your attorney. 

What makes Iura superior to others?

Make you an agent in legal matters

International Cooperation Agreements

Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Sultanate of Oman – Morocco – Italy – France – Germany – Lithuania – China

Senior Advisors

The company relies on a number of university professors as consultants in some important matters

Mobile Application

A mobile application through which the client can follow up on all his business events with the company

Possibility to request a periodic report

The ability to request a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual periodic report, or on any required period

Organized work team

Your dealings with a company makes a lot of difference

Your dealings with a company makes a lot of difference

The Business and services provided by Iura

Company Incorporation

Companies incorporation and amendment of all types whether individual or investment

Legate Consultation

Providing legal consultation, expressing opinion and providing a written advice for various corporate, banks and other establishments or for individuals.

Internet Crime

All cases & crimes related to Internet, cyber security, electronic fraud and electronic trade of various types.

Real State Publicity Works

All works related to Real Estate Publicity & Title transfer.


Compensations in general and those related to flight (delays, cancelling, prohibiting boarding & properties loss and damage) in particular

Court Judgment Enforcement

Enforcing foreign judgments inside Egypt

Trademark Registration

Registering trademarks, industrial models and patents.

Factory Licenses

Completing licensing procedures for all factories and all relevant matters whether in or out industrial zones.

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عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا
عملاء شركة إيورا

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