Cyber Cases and Crimes, and Cyber security

Internet crimes and issues


Our life becomes different and will be more different in the near future as well, through the rapid, and increasing scientific and technological progress in all fields and at all levels, especially in the field of the information technology, our daily reliance on the use of the internet increases continuously. In the future, internet will be relied on, whether in social relations or in commercial and service activities. Thus, the importance oflaws, governing these complex relationships between all parties and in various fields, increases.


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The internet is not only a social media between individuals, but it is also larger, deeper, and more important, for example it contains a considerable amount of information and secrets of individuals, companiesor countries, and its role in facilitating life, trade among others, makes it great importance

Cyber Cases and Crimes, and Cyber security

So we realize in Iura Law Firm

In IURA Legal Entity, we realize the importance of laws of cyber cases and crimes, so we have studied them, expanded and deepened their expertise, done researches, and considered them as one of the most important branches of law in which the company works, in order to provide a distinguished legal service to our clients whether individuals or companies, in the level of social or commercial relations, contracts and agreements or others.

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